How to get more Soundcloud followers

soundcloud-pricingThis world is loaded with popular music. You listen to songs when you go outside, in the train, in the metro, in the car, on the road, and just everywhere you go, you listen to music. You may have a tune latched onto your subconscious mind throughout the day, thus you may listen to songs in your mind constantly even though the song is not playing any longer. With a whole lot of songs running all over the place constantly, but you cannot ignore its worth. Some of us don’t know this, but Soundcloud has a better understanding towards music and songs. If you are an artist and looking to buy soundcloud followers, then you came to the right place.

You asked your friends to share your music with their friends and now you also got few followers. So what’s next now? What you are going to do? How!! How to get more soundcloud followersContinue Reading

Old notebooks are not worthless

IBM_Thinkpad_R51What does it take to be wired on the road these days? Internet News looks at some solutions from an increasingly crowded market.

Until recently, working and staying connected away from your desk meant lugging a laptop. And anyone who’s carried a standard laptop for any length of time knows that seven or eight pounds can quickly feel like an anchor in your shoulder bag. Continue Reading

Many sites – Many keywords

US_Share_of_SearchesWith over 320 million pages on the Web, finding the right information might be as hard as winning the lottery; especially when even the best search engine indexes only 34 per cent of those pages! If you’re getting more misses than hits on the Web, it’s time to brush up on your searching techniques.

Although most search engines provide help sections with standard instructions on using boolean operators and specifying your keywords, investing in the 2nd edition of The Official Netscape Guide to Internet Research will make you an expert researcher with just a little bit of practice. Continue Reading

Personal Email Providers

Mobile_handheld_deviceDo you check your e-mail more than once a day? Do you check it more than once an hour? More and more people do, as what was once just a fun way of communicating with friends has now become an essential business tool. But what do you do if you’re an e-mail junkie and have to go out on the road?

Until recently, if you wanted to check your mail from a remote location, you either had to rely on toting a laptop with you (large and expensive) or getting time on someone else’s computer (inconvenient and often complicated) to read your waiting messages. Continue Reading

Why Internet Is Good For Business?

Tecnologias_del_internetWhile it may be argued that the Internet has increased consumers’ expectations of companies across the business spectrum – both on and off the World Wide Web – competition on the latter has never been hotter. Spoiled by the quick and easy access to product information, customers demand fast, effective service – or they’ll click to the competitor’s homepage. And what’s the latest spin to grab digital customers and keep them? Would you believe the ability to talk to a live company representative via the firm’s own Web site? Continue Reading

Forget ISDN and DIAL-UPs

T-DSL_Splitter_ISDNMost people access the Internet with a standard modem, but find it slow. Up until now, the options for most surfers have been restricted to 56K modems or ISDN. Although in most parts of the world, 56K modems are considered a decent option, most Canadians would disagree. In fact, many people have held back on purchasing a high-speed modem until the official announcement of an industry standard between the K56 FLEX and X2 technologies. Standard modems are also limited by Internet service providers’ equipment, and by the telephone lines (maximum 53Kbps). Continue Reading

Is Tv Moving To Internet?

431091_37a345d375The World Wide Web is slowly morphing into a television format. Surprised? Don’t be – it’s inevitable. Video broadcasting over the Internet will soon change the way we use our computers, and our TV sets.

Of course it will be a while until everyone tunes in to the Web for the 6 o’clock news, although blurry newscasts can be viewed at the newly designed CBC Web site ( Continue Reading

Audio and video – all in one package

RealPlayerAs the Web matures, so does the quality of streaming media technologies, which allow you to play audio and video clips on your computer. The release of Progressive Networks’ RealPlayer 4.0 lets you do both, paving the road to a TV-like experience on the Web.

The Seattle-based company, which introduced its RealAudio technology in 1995, leads the pack in streaming media. Continue Reading

Is the Web browser becoming obsolete

NS9_screenshotIs the Internet turning into another form of television? Both dramatic scenarios are being claimed by proponents of “push” technology.

B ehind the hype, the truth is that we are on the cusp of a change in the way we interact with the on-line universe. Push technology opens up a new level of usefulness for the Web, and the promise of billions in advertising dollars. Continue Reading

When there was no high speed internet connections

3210432763_645ec72eccTired of the World Wide Wait? Anyone who’s accessed the Internet with a 14.4 or 28.8 modem (and that includes most people on-line), has felt the frustration of waiting for connections to be made, graphics to download, and one of many fancy new applications like Shockwave or Java applets to trickle onto their screen.

Until recently, they could only look on with envy at university or corporate users who could plug in at speeds that made normal modems look like tin cans with string attached to them. Continue Reading